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Regaining Health

At The Way to Wellness Counseling, I understand that we all face new and ever-changing challenges.  One only has to see the news headlines to understand the impact of these challenges on individuals and families.  I am committed to working with people and families to address these challenges, make positive changes and regain wellness.

Grief Counseling

Recovery From Trauma

We all experience grief at different times in our lives and respond differently as well.  Being able to work through grief allows each of us to grow in healthy and mature ways.  

Grieving in healthy ways promotes healing and emotional wellness.

Our Specialties


Life Transitions



Stress Management

Self-Esteem Issues


Teen Issues

Chronic Medical Conditions

Behavioral Health


What We Can Do For You

We work to assist people in making positive changes, empowering them with knowledge and skills to live healthy lives.


⋅ Adolescents/Teenagers (ages 14-19)

⋅ Adults

* Must meet criteria for services.  Not intended for suicidal thoughts, active psychiatric crisis or emergency situations.  Patients must be located within the state of Alabama.

Video Counseling

45-60 minute, secure HIPPA-compliant telehealth session from anywhere on any device.*  

INdividual & Family

We specialize in joining with individuals and families to tackle challenges and make positive improvemetns.

Health counseling

In-person or telehealth services.  Motivational interviewing to empower behavioral change and a healthy lifestyle.

Adventure Therapy

Fun and non-threatening avenues to achieve therapeutic goals.

Types of Therapy

Discovering Your Path

  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Health Coaching

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